It is a means of transportation which is faster than other means of transportation and has a higher unit cost than other means of transportation. Air transport is one of the most ideal ways of transporting valuable goods, perishable goods for long distances, and is therefore often preferred for export and import.

Reasons such as long road and rail transport and the widespread use of air transport airports, increasing the number of aircraft fleets and being cheaper are the most preferred means of transportation in terms of import and export. The companies that provide international cargo service prefer air transportation in cases where the distance between the two countries is long in international transportation, sea transportation is inadequate and road transportation is extended.

There are advantages and disadvantages of airline vaccination as in every transportation activity that makes courier transportation. The most important advantages are airway transportation in a shorter time than highway, railway and sea transportation. Not only courier transportation but also personal transportation is the most preferred type of transportation because of the advantage of airline transportation. The disadvantage of air transportation is its high unit cost. This is due to the high level of fuel consumption required for aircraft to move and the high cost of transport activities to be carried out in a healthy way. Therefore, air transportation and transportation is a more expensive way than other transportation and transportation types.
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