New generation warehouses in logistics remain competitive

Long-term logistical bases in the region are expected to be in Turkey, technology and integration in addition to storage and transport infrastructure investments for transport mode in Europe, Africa and becoming centers in West Asia.
In the recent period, the transformation experienced in the field of industry within the scope of Industry 4.0 is being felt intensively in Logistics sector as Logistics 4.0. With the developing technology and Logistics 4.0; delivery with autonomous vehicles, captain-free vessels, automated warehouses, drones has become a reality of the near future. In the following process with the impact of the expected increase in demand in this aspect of Turkey's leading companies in the logistics sector has accelerated efforts to digitalize. According to sector representatives, domestic logistics companies minimize the disruptions in human processes caused by human factor with the new generation of technology-intensive warehouses and at the same time maintain their competitive structure in the global arena.

The activities carried out and services rendered by advancing technology in the logistics sector in Turkey once again. Today, intelligent systems are adapted to the logistics sector to reduce human intervention. Thus, it is aimed to complete the logistics processes with less errors.

Especially with the Internet of Things, systems can now communicate with each other without any tools. This situation directly affects the business processes of firms; changes in the structure of the stocking, storage and distribution network. With the technological transformation, it is expected that in the near future the human factor will be minimized and the number of warehouses where autonomous vehicles and robots will work. The companies that are reshaping their investments towards digitalization are already preparing themselves for the demands that may arise.

Stating that the companies will differentiate and become competitive by fulfilling their demands in the procurement process, sector representatives point out that the volume of services provided through these and similar processes will increase in the coming years. From this point of view, sector representatives suggest that companies should focus on activities that will keep pace with the process.